Difference Between Pallet and Skid. In some industries, especially in trade, pallets and skids are widely sought after. What do these items represent, what function do they perform, and what is the difference between a pallet and a skid? Let’s try to understand this.

General Information

These are special devices designed for the safe transportation of goods. In commerce, this procedure is necessary and ensures the delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the point of sale or directly to the consumer. Pallets and skids help avoid possible losses or damage to transported items and guarantee the safe delivery of securely packaged cargo.

There is a list of items that should be transported exclusively in this manner. Special attention in this matter is paid to cases of shipping products abroad. These adaptations are also used for storing items and can serve as full-fledged warehouse equipment.


It is worth noting that often both terms are used as absolute synonyms. In this case, talking about the difference between a pallet and a skid simply doesn’t make sense. Here, we’re talking about the same flat structure onto which something can be placed. It is designed to be easily lifted by handling equipment, facilitating processes related to the movement of goods.

Pallets or skids can be made of wood, relatively inexpensive. Materials of various strength and thickness are used for their production, designed for specific weight loads. The wood is treated in accordance with sanitary standards.

Another type is plastic pallets. They are lighter. Additionally, these items are easy to wash and treat with disinfectants. But not everyone is willing to spend on these rather expensive pallets.

Similar devices are also made of metal. They are used in high-temperature conditions and for transporting particularly heavy loads. Often, pallets of this type are most convenient for movement within production areas.

Finally, there are cardboard products. They are often used for shipping goods over long distances. However, if the previous samples are suitable for multiple uses, cardboard pallets are usually used only once since they absorb moisture.

However, there is another way to use these discussed concepts. Let’s consider the difference between a pallet and a skid from a different perspective if we analyze these names differently. In some communication situations, the term “skid” refers again to the functional stand for the goods. And “pallet” (now in the feminine gender) – the entire packaging unit, that is, the pallet along with the cargo secured on it. It is in this sense that the term “full pallet” is used.

By the way, in modern language norms, the correct spelling “palette” (with one “l”) is indicated, which is not encountered so often in practice. In spoken language, this noun is used in different variations according to the traditions established in a specific group.