Difference between Bacon and Pork Belly. Bacon and pork belly are both considered meat delicacies, but not everyone knows the difference between them. Let’s delve into some specifics and identify the distinctions between these two products.


The specificity of bacon lies in the fact that it is made from special meat. Requirements are imposed not only on the breed of pigs but also on their living conditions. The animals are fed only specific types of feed. Bacon is made from the side and sometimes the shoulder or belly of the carcass. In contrast, the term “pork belly” indicates the specific section from which the muscle tissue is taken, and the source can be not only pork but also beef or lamb.


Both delicacies consist of a combination of juicy meat and fatty layers. However, bacon implies the absolute absence of bones. Some samples may retain the skin, while varieties like “Stolichny” and “Lyubitelsky” may not contain it. Bacon can be presented in the form of a roll. Pork belly is produced both with ribs and cartilage and without them. The presence of skin is also allowed.


Bacon is a product created according to a special recipe. In some cases, the technology involves only salting, while in others, smoking follows this stage. Pork belly can also undergo these processing options. Smoking is sometimes complemented by boiling or roasting. The result is appetizing products with a rich, specific flavor.


Both delicacies are excellent as cold snacks, often thinly sliced. Additionally, these products fit well into various dishes. A classic example is the so-called English breakfast, traditionally presented with slices of bacon, eggs, and crispy fried bread. Smoked samples are perfect for inclusion in soups, stews, baked dishes, and salads. Not to mention sandwiches, where meat products prepared in any way can be used.

The choice between the extensive assortment ultimately depends on taste, but the quality of the product should take precedence. The consistency of fresh products should be firm and elastic. The color should be healthy, without suspicious dark spots. If there is skin, it should be clean and smooth.