Difference Between Pacifier and Dummy. Nothing can fully replace a mother’s breast for a newborn. This is an undeniable fact. However, in certain situations that arise for various reasons, pacifiers or dummies become essential. What are the intended uses for each of these items, and how does a pacifier differ from a dummy? Let’s try to understand.


A pacifier is an auxiliary device that can be used for feeding a baby or performing other functions. Long ago, pieces of animal skin were used as items of similar purpose. Pacifiers, as we know them today, have been in use for just over a century. These items are now made from various modern materials.

A dummy is a pacifier whose purpose is not related to feeding the baby.


At the conceptual level, the difference between a pacifier and a dummy lies in the fact that the former is a general term for items of a specific class, while the latter corresponds to a particular type of such items. In any case, these devices imitate the shape of a female breast. The divergence lies in the design and purpose of the items.

There are pacifiers designed for feeding the baby. They are used in conjunction with a bottle. An opening is provided in the pacifier to allow the contents from the container to reach the baby. For items with the correct physiological shape, this opening directs the stream to the hard palate—similar to breastfeeding.

It is important to ensure that the size of the opening corresponds to the type of food. The baby should exert some effort while sucking, just as in natural feeding. This is because the jaws need a certain functional load for normal development.

What is the difference between a pacifier and a dummy? The latter has no connection to the baby’s nutrition. It serves other purposes and is characterized by an independent structure. A dummy also has a part that the baby holds in their mouth while sucking, but there is no opening. The other components of the item include the body and the handle.

Like feeding tools, a dummy helps the baby satisfy their natural sucking needs. This item is sometimes necessary to soothe a well-fed but crying infant. A dummy can distract the baby during vaccination and other painful procedures. The key is to purchase high-quality and safe products, which applies to pacifiers of all types.