Difference Between a Stroller and an Umbrella Stroller. Baby strollers come in various types and individual characteristics, and understanding the variety of these devices can be challenging. For example, many people wonder how a regular stroller differs from an umbrella stroller. Let’s try to clarify this.


A regular stroller, also known as a full-sized stroller, is designed for the transportation of infants or toddlers who can sit up on their own. However, in many models, the seat can be reclined almost flat so that the child can lie down and nap comfortably. Full-sized strollers are also included in convertible and modular universal stroller systems.

An umbrella stroller is a type of stroller that is compact and has a special folding mechanism.


Based on classification, the main difference between a regular stroller and an umbrella stroller is that the former is considered a separate category of products, while the latter is a subtype of strollers.

Regular strollers can have various features and characteristics. Among them, there are insulated models suitable for winter use. These strollers tend to be quite bulky but spacious, allowing a well-dressed baby to comfortably fit inside. They often come with a large storage basket.

There are also less massive full-sized strollers that still offer almost the same features as their heavier counterparts. Additionally, very lightweight models designed primarily for warm weather are available. These models are often considered umbrella strollers due to their compactness and simple design. However, they can still have similar functions to heavier strollers. Often, these lightweight models are only suitable for sitting and lack a reclining feature or storage compartments.

The simplest umbrella strollers consist of fabric stretched over a lightweight plastic or aluminum frame. In these strollers, the child can only sit; they do not have a reclining seat or storage space. Moreover, they tend to be less stable.

However, the advantage of these designs is their lightness and compactness when folded. Such strollers are convenient when you need to quickly get to a nearby store with your child or for regular use on public transportation.

It’s important to note that the term “umbrella stroller” refers primarily to the folding mechanism. Not all umbrella strollers are as simple as described above. Some umbrella strollers have a rigid backrest that can be almost horizontal, and there are also sturdy and relatively heavy models that still have the folding mechanism of an umbrella stroller.

In conclusion, in addition to the folding mechanism, one more factor differentiates regular strollers from umbrella strollers: the handle. Most full-sized strollers have a single, continuous handlebar, whereas umbrella strollers typically have two separate handles. Maneuvering an umbrella stroller with one hand, as is possible with some other models, can be quite challenging, making this aspect important for consideration when choosing the right stroller for your needs.