What is the difference between a moped and a scooter? Many people choose light vehicles, among which the moped and scooter are the most popular. However, few people know how they differ, and this issue causes a lot of controversy.

Living in a city, it is necessary to have individual transport, because the pace of life dictates its own laws, and a person must be mobile. However, the number of cars on the roads is growing, creating more and more traffic jams, and the very concept of such “mobility” among motorists begins to cause irony. In addition, the cost of fuel is also rising, which for many motorists puts a serious barrier between the desire to drive their car or take the subway to work.

Residents of Europe, unlike our compatriots, are more serious about planning their budget, so they are increasingly switching to a scooter. Italians, Germans and French especially fell in love with this type of transport, and not only young people, but also pensioners change to a scooter.

In Russia, a moped has been popular for several decades. This vehicle was especially popular with rural residents. Affordable price and unpretentiousness in the repair of a moped were the main advantages.

A scooter and a moped are similar in many ways, which is why many people confuse the two, even though they are not the same thing.

Moped features

A moped is a vehicle that has two or, more rarely, three wheels. They are used for short trips. Its engine has a volume of no more than 50 cm3, and a speed of no more than 50 km / h. This vehicle does not have a gearbox, and the speed is controlled using the right handlebar, which rotates around its axis. It also has a front brake. The moped is propelled by turning the pedal in the opposite direction.

This type of transport can be attributed more to bicycles than to motorcycles. This determines the driving rule, which provides for driving not in the general flow of cars, but as close as possible to the right edge of the road or along the cycle path.

Scooter features

The scooter is similar in design to a motorcycle, although its weight and wheel diameter are smaller (from 8 to 14 inches). The scooter is equipped with a gearbox in the form of a V-belt variator. An engine with a volume of 50-250 cm3 develops a speed of 50-120 km / h. The rear brake is controlled by a lever located on the left handlebar. The scooter is controlled by the hands, and the legs do not participate in the control. The peculiarity of the scooter is the presence of a special footrest, which is usually called the “floor”. In addition, its design suggests a body.


Thus, these two vehicles have significant differences. To stop in choosing one of them, you need to decide on the goals and objectives that will be assigned to mobile transport.