How to choose a scooter? Buying a new, modern, affordable, as well as stylish and attractive scooter is quite simple, since today there are a lot of models for every taste.

Both European and other manufacturers create unique vehicles that differ not only in the totality of various properties and functions, but also in other features that are worth paying close attention to. However, in order to choose the right scooter, you must first determine the following aspects:

1. For whom this scooter is intended, since a model for an extreme teenager and an adult should have a peculiar set of functions.

2. For what purpose is this vehicle purchased?

3. What is the best price for a scooter?

4. Will there be passengers other than the driver on this scooter? The choice of design features of the model depends on this.

It is worth noting that many potential buyers tend to purchase a vehicle that, in their opinion, is “good”, but one or another scooter can hardly be called good or bad, because here a clear gradation of the purposes of using transport is of great importance, a scooter This is an individual purchase.

After determining the main parameters of choice, you should pay attention to the design features of the scooter. Regardless of which model is the most fashionable today, it is worth remembering the main purpose of the scooter – moving around the city at low speed, which is why models whose engine has a volume not exceeding 50 cm3 remain popular, an increased engine capacity within the city is an extra waste money, however, if the scooter will be used outside the city for movement on the highway, you can choose a more expensive model.

If we talk about the price of a new scooter, then the best option here is models from Japan. Chinese scooters are much cheaper, but their quality is significantly inferior to Japanese.

If you need to choose a scooter for country trips, you should pay close attention to the design features of the front fork, as well as the filter. This is very important, since the filter of a scooter designed for city trips is located at the bottom of the vehicle, which in suburban operation will lead to the need to change this element very often. As for the design of the fork, the pendulum fork is the best option here, since it is it that provides optimal and comfortable maneuvering even for the most uneven roads.

For a scooter that will conquer the roads of the city, the design features of the brakes, as well as the acceleration and maximum speed indicators, are of particular importance. Among the models from Japan, it is easy to find a great option for a new stylish and reliable scooter for all roads and for all people from beginners to professionals.