Difference between assortment and nomenclature. As a rule, each inpidual enterprise is engaged in the sale (production) of not one, but a whole range of goods, which, moreover, may have varieties. In such cases, the terms “assortment” and “nomenclature” are used. What is meant by these concepts, and how does the assortment differ from the nomenclature? Let’s try to figure this out.


An assortment is a set of goods that are distinguished by some indicators, but necessarily have at least one common feature. The assortment is formed on the basis of consumer demand and specialization of a particular enterprise.

The nomenclature is a complete list of goods available for sale of a particular enterprise. The nomenclature implies a certain system of classification.


To find out what is the difference between the assortment and the nomenclature, we will analyze each of these concepts in more detail. So, they say about the assortment when there is a combination of goods on some basis. For example, the products that make up an assortment may have the same application (clothes, cosmetics, cars), common buyers (youth, wealthy people, members of the same profession), or approximately the same price.

The concept of “assortment group” is narrower. For example, in a cosmetics store, the product range can be represented by the following product groups: nail polish, powder, lipstick. Further, the groups are pided into assortment positions: brands, models, varieties, etc. Thus, the assortment group “nail polish” can be composed of assortment positions: “pink nail polish”, “pearl nail polish”.

As for the nomenclature, it includes all assortment groups offered for sale. For example, a sporting goods store’s inventory might consist of summer and winter stock. And each of these groups of goods can be presented in a wide range. In addition, the nomenclature includes not only a list of assortment groups, but also inpidual commodity units, that is, absolutely everything that is on sale.

So, in general, the question of what is the difference between the assortment and the nomenclature can be answered as follows: the assortment always means varieties of any goods, and the nomenclature is a structured list of offered goods that may be in the assortment.